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Ive been wanting to have a go at making Tom Yum for sometime now. First thing to do is put about 2 liters of water in a pot to boil. Waste of time and ingredients. My husband loved it! Thank you again, Ill try to get more recipes out soon. Hey Subur, Im happy to hear your tom yum turned out so well, glad you enjoyed it. Mark-Do i have to use the onions,mushrooms, and tomatoes to make this? Overall, 75% of the time I like tom yum goong nam sai ( clear version) because its so pure and clear and tastes quite healthy. Taste like magic. Recently I was holidaying in Singapore with my family. You might need to add more fish sauce, sugar, or lime juice. It is the first time I have been excited about a Thai dish that I have attempted, usually the flavors are lacking. All of the aromatics (lemongrass, makrut, chiles) freeze beautifully, so you should buy them in bulk and keep them wrapped and frozen. I also tossed in a few Thai Eggplant I chopped up and they came out great. Nam prik pao () is basically a Thai roasted chili sauce thats packed with flavor and usually bought in a can these days. But, as the lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves were quite tough, I didnt eat those. Thanks again! Hi Patti, youre welcome, thanks for your support. Garry. Thats amazing to hear James, thank you for giving my recipe a try and glad you enjoyed it. Glad it turned out so well, and greetings to your family as well! Easy to make and easy to follow. The basic Tom Yum is the clear soup version called Tom Yum Nahm Sai which has a clean, aromatic, sour taste. I personally love it with coconut creamand extra coriander and spring onions.. Its hard for me to tell whether the soup needs more fish sauce or sugar, as I dont cook with them very often. I made it tonight and it was soooooo good. Let me know how it goes! Now prepare your shrimp (or whatever meat of choice youre making tom yum with). Thanks for sharing your recipe :). I could only find dried galangal and having a hard time finding lemon grass, I havent been able to find the kaffir lime leaves either. I have been searching for a while :) the recipe is fantastic! I used cooked shrimp so I thawed it separately and added it for the last 5-10 minutes of cooking on low. Wow, thats great news to hear Riyana, thank you very much for sharing, and glad that you enjoy this tom yum recipe. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in your wok over medium high heat, and add the shrimp shells and heads. Finally chop up a handful of fresh cilantro, throw it in the soup, and give your tom yum a final stir. (except garlic) Thanks mark for the reply Im awed and inspired through your travel video in youtube around the globe s Will definitely try another recipes that you published here. Good food, Puns/Jokes & Food for the Thoughts. Worked okay. Great Video! With deep respect, A wonderfully authentic recipe for one of my favorite Thai foods. I also like to add the nam prik pao even to the clear soup to get those little red oil bubbles on top and to get the extra flavor. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I love his show. And also make sure you add the lime juice at the end of cooking and make sure its sour enough I think that will combat the fishiness of the fish sauce. Yes, this soup has a dressing. As a senior ,its way above my daily salt recomendation, It was very helpful. So I decided to make it myself. Love Thailand food. Dont think the canned chilli paste is available where i live. I saw you video with Andrew Zimmern, very cool. This was the easiest and one of the best I have come across. It was simply amazing! Reduce the heat and simmer for 5-10 minutes, until the broth smells bright and fragrant. Thanks so much!! Aiala, Hey mate, felt like we were at a thai restaurant. I used goong mae nam (), or freshwater shrimp. Very clear and easy to follow instructions thank you . just like the restaurant. The veggies (broccoli, carrot, onion) were all very crispy, as though they were stir-fried then tossed into the soup at the end. Add lime juice, then taste. Happy cooking! Since my wife just immigrated to the US from Thailand, she brought along some fresh chili paste she made while visiting family in Surin. Im looking forward to trying the many other recipes youve been so kind to post. However bay leaf & kaffir are different taste. Was searching for a good authentic Tom Yum Soup recipe, when came across your website. Thank you Mark.. arigatou from Tokyo. Thank you for such a thorough explanation and step by step guide:)Super excited to try it out!! Preparing the creamy version today. I tried your recipe and it was great! Enjoy! Thanks. Then add your mushrooms, which you should pre rinse beforehand. Thanks for sharing. I know) but it still came together so well. Like the tom kloang, fish is the meat of choice and it can be anything found in . Real tasty Tom Yum, ok. Great to hear it turned out so well, thank you for sharing! You mentioned on your post that this isnt the fancy type I wasnt aware of the other type and wondering what you meant by that. I am sure to impress my husband with these. kaffir in the broth or leave them there? Is it right? Got a freezer full of pastes and had massaman curry this week. Here are some dim sum puns inspired by some of my favourites, including some of the world's best dumplings. I prefer the clear broth. 3. Turned out super duper yummy. Hi Terry, great to hear you got to try some tom yum. The lime juice and cilantro taste fresher and more vibrant when not boiled, so thats why I turn off the heat before adding them. We loved this recipe! Ive had Tom Yum Goong Nam Sai a number of times and I have never had it without Tamarind. I make Tom yum soup and love these great ideas . The only problem is, where I live, we dont get kaffir lime leaves or nam prik pao. Heat the oven to 220C (200C fan)/425F/gas 7. Boil until the water turns slightly orange in color. Just made it for dinner tonight! Im not sure if I remember it right. Then slice them. I will certainly try yours but I cant imagine it without tamarind Go figure. and looking forward for another great recipes.. Youre welcome, thank you Fahmi for all your support! I just tried this recipe and it is exactly the same flavor as the Tom Yum we get in our local Thai restaurant. This is the CLEAR version of Tom Yum. Hey Dan, glad to hear you enjoy tom yum as well. but I have a question. What I love most about tom yum goong () is the flavors of lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, fresh Thai chilies, and fresh lime juice, that all combine to create a healthy and soothing broth that will light up your taste buds. I love my very own Thai kitchen & your recipe. So, i will add the paste, but not the milk. Yes, I agree, its an amazing soup when you need a boost of herbs and flavor. It is surprisingly simple to prepare, with end results that definitely exceeded my initial expectations of it (well, it was easy to make, I thought Ill have to go through kitchens hell to get this done decently). You have a wonderful collection of recipes. Firstly wash 200 grams of mushrooms very well in water. Hey Erfan, great to hear from you, glad you had a nice trip to Thailand and enjoyed the food. jadore ce site, je voyage tous les ans en thailande et je raffole la cuisine thaie. Hope you enjoy it! I just made this for dinner and the flavor is amazing! Whip up a bowl to begin your own Thai dinner at home, or use it as a light meal when served with a bowl of freshly steamed . I lived more than 8 years in Thailand and moved to the Philippines. Tastes like in Thailand! How can I make tom yum goong soup with the paste and the dried herbs? Its convenient to read and print. Press the shrimp heads with a spatula to extract the juice from the heads. There are 2 different types of tom yum, the clear version and the creamy version, and there's directions on how to make both types. You are my Thai food guru ;). When you smell kaffir its lovely smell & taste in food. Get our best recipes, grocery finds, and clever kitchen tips delivered to your inbox. The broth is my favorite part: Close-my-eyes delicious. And yes tom yum is the first food i ate, and youre right! Trust me, it came out so well even my family did not believe me that I did it. When I went to the market before making this recipe, there was a nice supply of goong mae nam (), or freshwater shrimp, so I had to go for them. I use 4 limes and only 3 chillies. I cooked up some rice noodle and served the clear version over them! It's not normally eaten as an individual bowl of soup, the way it would be in Western cultures, but instead it's a communal dish that goes together with other dishes and eaten with rice. The main difference between the two soups is. Awesome! tomorrow! the recipe and the taste is beyond all criticism, but how is your opinion about the shrimp production in Asia and Thailand? I loved that the ingredients could be roughly chopped and added. I cant wait to use your recipe. Does it come out of a can? Ive become quite an expert in cooking creamy version of tom yum goong. My family loves the soup I made. Thank you! Thank you so much for going beyond the foods and cities, and providing recipes! Cara membuatnya pun tidak sulit, sobat dapat menyiapkan tom yam creamy soup hanya dengan menggunakan 14 bahan dan 3 langkah saja. Recipe in Tom Yum Paste. Hi Shelly, sorry to hear that. You are Siu Mai type. This is my 2nd recipe from this site. I loved your delightful video on making tom yum! Awesome. Great flavors for hot and sour soup. Dictionary Thesaurus Sentences . Usually served as an appetizer, tom yum is traditionally . We had so much fun making this. Thank you again for sharing, and keep cooking Thai food! First time in my life I tried myself in cooking Tom Yum stop, and surprisingly from the first try at was so delicious and so easy to make! Since my roommate doesnt like mushrooms, do you have any other vegetable suggestions to substitute for them? I think youll love it! I started with the clear soup. of these birthday puns is sure to bake your day (pun intended). Hey Clara, youre welcome, hope you enjoy it. Very disappointing. Simmer until the shrimp turn opaque, about 2 minutes. Whats up Mark! Wow! Then I like to start by squeezing my limes. Thank you so much! This is actually one of my favorite soups! Thailand Food Puns This is the best Thai food I've ever pad. The flavor of tom yum should be sour upfront from lime juice, then salty from fish sauce, with a mild sweetness from nam prik pao paste. Absolutely loved this recipe. my girlfriend really love tom yum soup.. she wants me to cook some for her.. ty i really appreciate ur soup very delicious. Dear Mark, I I will try to make Tom Yang Gung myself. I also cut the heads of the prawns and let those cook early on. And absolutely five stars! I would like to see some kind of heat scale attached to each recipe, say from one to ten like Resturants use. It could also be the brand of fish sauce youre using, some taste fishier. // ]]> For myself, I like both versions of tom yum, and it sort of depends on which mood Im in. Ive been to Phuket few times and this soup is my favourite and I have allergy to garlic. Thank you for this recipe and your site in general. Cut this portion into 1-inch lengths and smash the pieces with a heavy object until they split. Nothing else. Hi Momoko, thank you very much. It turned out amazing! Hi Rich, sorry about that, I should have mentioned in the recipe that the lemongrass and galangal are not typically eaten, but they are just used as aromatics for the soup broth. My mom usually cook this when Im sick and it really makes me feel better. If I buy a shrimp dish in Bangkok what quality can I expect? Im jonsing for this soup and decided to make it. 2. Im excited that I can finally make this at home, and so is my boyfriend! As for mushrooms, hmm, actually eggplant is a great idea, and I think you could really substitute anything of your liking maybe cauliflower or zucchini, or just add more tomatoes and white onions. Goong (), or shrimp is one of the most popular things to make this soup with, but you can also choose to make tom yum with a mix of seafood like squid, or with chicken, or fish (one of my favorite versions too). The lemongrass and lime leaves will be very fragrant. It consists of shallots, lemongrass, fish sauce, minced fresh ginger or galangal, shrimps, mushrooms, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, and minced Thai chili peppers. I like the clear version, though if I order it at a restaurant here (in South Africa) I always have to explain beforehand as they normally make the creamier version which probably caters for the western palate more. Will let you know how it turns out. Happy cooking! Is there another version with chili paste but no milk? I made the creamy version and it was absolutely delicious. Made it and ate it for the first time using this recipe. Enjoy! Now that Ive moved, nowhere seems to make it quite the same. I made it exactly as written, the only adjustment was 6 Thai chiles instead of 10. Hi, how do I DIY the chilli paste for the cremy version. [CDATA[ Thank you for this recipe I love Tom Yum soup so much it is one of my favorites next to Basil Beef with white rice:). Looks good, but palm sugar for authenticity. I used 6 T of fresh lime juice. Eating this right now. amzn_assoc_title = "Things used in this recipe"; Asian, South American, African, European and Pacific nations. Couldnt find the kaffir leaves but didnt seem to make a difference! Hi Mark, I tried it. So what alternative you could suggest for these 2 ingredients? Thats awesome, thank you for the message we are honored! THANK YOU MARK. We drive all the way to. Hey Michelle, thank you for making this recipe and glad it turned out so well! Enjoy! I would make this again. My dream is to meet you mark in december when i will be in Thailand. Hey Jelena, thank you for reading this. If so do I just add it or replace the evaporated milk? Definitely one of my favorites. Then took them out near the end and added the tails so they didnt over cook. Is this a variation youve seen? you make it easy! Thank you. Love your presentations, as they are to the point and easy to follow. I am always interested in where you and Ying are going to show up. Good grief this was good! I tried this out today step by step. Hi Mike, great to hear from you, and Im so happy to hear you enjoyed this tom yum recipe! Hey Ian, thank you very much, glad you love tom yum as well. Then add a big handful of . Hi Sonya, this is awesome news, thank you for sharing, and so glad that you enjoyed this recipe. Do you add salt? Can I use anchovy paste instead? Hey BB, haha, thats awesome, glad you enjoy it! I tried the tom yum goong nam sai yesterdayreally yummy..kept sneaking into kitchen in middle of night to sip a spoonFULL even I already had 2 big bowl for dinner! Thanks again! This one is more updated than the other versions, and this is my preference. I will definitely let you know if I come to visit Calgary in the future. Mix it all in and let your soup heat up for about 1 minute. Tom Yum Soup Recipe Instructions. You are a great chef and very good teacher. the perfume is really respectable and it would make a change from veggie/chicken/beef stock. Easy to follow for newbie like me. I think thats a great idea, enjoy! I used chicken broth for half of the liquid, skipped the mushrooms, added a teaspoon and a half of Thai chili paste and a half teaspoon of the oil, added some chopped Thai basil, chicken thighs that I cooked in the broth, and thinly sliced the white onion. Thank you for the website sharing the recipes! The best part of your cooking videos (too me) is when you try the food. Hi Jessie, fantastic, Im so happy to hear you enjoyed this tom yum goong! I just want to let you know that you are my favorite human being on this planet. Sometimes the Vietnam Hua store has them fresh, often not. Hey Noodle, yes those fire pots are not for cooking, just for serving at the table and keeping the soup hot. I would also slice the garlic next time too. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Mark. Great recipe! I am going to attempt the a few especially the soups as they look pretty easy and I just love Thai soup. Mark, Give it a try! Tom yum Puns. Everybody who tried my tom yum liked it very much.. This is soooohhh good! How to make Tom Yum Soup Prep Veggies, Herbs 1. I couldnt find kefir leaves in stores so i used a couple of bay leaves. Prefer tum yum with reddish color, but without the milk. Really good. The ifs and alternatives as I looove Thai Food with their healing spices etc. It's so easy it's a piece of banana pancake. Hey Quan, thats not typically done in Thailand, but yes, feel free to try that out, could be very good! Ive visited Thailand so many times and am in love with the culture, people, and the food. This is amazing Honestka, Im smiling, but its also very honoring. These are the two most popular soups outside of Thailand, and while they both contain similar ingredients (lemongrass, makrut, lime juice, Thai chilies), there are distinctions that set them apart. It works like a charm. However, I went to a restaurant in Ayutthaya a few months ago, where I got to eat a traditional style of tom yum, that was incredible, so Im hoping to make the recipe for that soon too. Trust me, nothing hits the spot better than a hot bowl of soup during the cold Tasmanian winter here. I think my Thai friends used tamarind for the sour flavor. Hola Marc. It really is one of the best soup in the world. The only suggestion I have would be to use scales and units more. Tom-yum is incredible. I played with it however by only using 5 limes and 3 chillis. Very well explained in detail. Add the shrimp head and shell to make shrimp stock. I really dont know, are my spoons really small or my limes really big, but from what you said you squeeze almost one tablespoon lime juice from a single lime. WAY too much lime juice. Remove and the discard the lemongrass and lime leaves. Great to be able to make this from fresh rather than supermarket jars etc. Thanks for the recipe! I like Tom Yum Soup and would love to make it at home.. problem is I cant make it with shrimp or fish due to family food allergies.. Can this be made with chicken, beef or pork? Definitely will come back to refer to it again and make another in a bigger bowl! So tasty and authentic. I made your tom yum goong nam khon recipe tonight and it was amazing. Amazing recipe!! Add the fish sauce, sugar, and Thai chili oil. I made this Tom Yum Goong and shared with my workmates. Thanks again and hope you can find some galangal. Also, be sure to check out my of my authentic Thai recipes here. Your recipe doesnt even mention it. Glad you love tom yum as well. Add the lime juice and taste test again and adjust as needed. When i was in Thailand they added everything to the bowl. Ill be trying every recipe youve posted. Thank you Kitti, haha whipped cream, might have to try that! Hi Austin! Have a great day! My apologies if I have offended you or any reader. It was very spicy . and would it have the same rich flavor and depth. Great to hear that Doria, glad it turned out well! ITS WAS THE MOST APPETIZING SOUP I EAT . Authentic Tom Yum Recipe () with Shrimp, Tom Yum Goong () soup is one of the most well known dishes in Thai cuisine, and in this recipes you'll learn to make the authentic Thai street food style version. Best cooking video ever! Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe..after we had so many Tom Yum recipes,my family love this the most, Pros: tells you the right ingredients, gives context, medium spicy level Using the leftover broth for rice tomorrow. It was delicious. A note to other readers: I had tried many times before to make Tom Yum Soup without having access to keffir lime leaves and galangal. Very well explained. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Tom yum always reminds me of Kimchi Jjigae, my comfort food from Korea. This is not the first step of the recipe, but its best to have your limes squeezed so when you need them later, you dont need to rush to squeeze them all. Take two roma tomatoes and two small white onions and slice them into wedges - you want them to be big and chunky. Normally in Thailand coconut milk is not used in tom yum, but its used in tom kha. This is one of my favorite soups, and I try to order it up whenever I can. No, not whole. As one of the other commenters mentioned you keep making them and will keep watching them:-). This was easy and fantastic. My wife is thai, she always cook this tom yum soup for me, is a must try soup in thailand. Thank you for the recipe Mark! Hi. Do you eat everything that is put into the soup? I deseeded the chilis. I am sure it has changed. Tom Jones (1963 film): Tom Jones is a 1963 British comedy film, an adaptation of Henry Fielding's classic 1749 novel The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling . Is there a substitute for fish sauce. I get at least 3 out of one I do realize cooking is not chemistry, and you cant really just list how many grams of what to add and voila, but sometimes it would be helpful to know if we are at the same page with stuff. Berikut ini bahan dan cara untuk memasaknya, bikin tom yam creamy soup yuk! Hey Shane, thank you very much for your kind words, glad you love cooking Thai food as well! What I like about tom yum is it actually has all the taste that you would like in a food, the soup is a combination of sour, spicy, and its perfectly creamy. I made this tonight with just a couple of substitutions to be closer to what I used to get at my favorite Thai restaurant (long ago burned down) in Memphis. And yes, definitely a major part of cooking Thai food is taste-testing and balancing out all the flavors and ingredients. :). But straining them out would work well also. Add the mushrooms, 8 ounces peeled and deveined large or jumbo shrimp, 2 tablespoons nam prik pao paste, and 2 tablespoons fish sauce. lemon grass, kaffir leaves, galangal and all the veggies. Hi Erica, thank you very much, and great to hear you enjoy Thai food! Didnt tell her that i was also using your recipe, but if I hadnt known better, Id guess she had read your recipe. Dave, Sydney Australia. Can you recommend the next recipe I should have a crack at we love chillis and chicken if that helps! Hi Fred, yah I think that would be fine, or just feel free to reduce the fish sauce in the recipe. Hey Fahmi, thank you very much, glad you enjoyed this recipe. Will do again, but next time will strain before adding shrimp and mushrooms. Regards Its absolutely amazing !!!. Devein the shrimp and set aside. HI MARK, I EAT TOM YUM SOUP CHICKEN IN MBK BANGKOK ONE WEEK AGO, I CANT FORGET THE TEST OF THIS SOUP. Hah, thank you very much Risa, really appreciate your kind comment, and glad you love Thai food!! I am a senior Cancer Specialist doctor in Sri Lanka. Hey Renata, very cool to hear that, glad you love tom yum as well. Love it! Simmer and let the stock reduce to 2 1/2 cups. I tried this out with a girl Im speaking with in Thailand over Discord. Taste test, you may need to add more lime juice or fish sauce as the milk and roasted chili sauce throws off the sourness and saltiness. Hi :) About to invite guests tomorrow for our tom yum hot pot and found this. Thanks a million for your comprehensive vedio presentation, we now enjoy real Tom yum. Simmer until shrimp are pink and plump, about 3 minutes. This recipes turned out amazing! I definitely liked the texture a lot and the soup was delicious. I admit I didnt have galangal so I used ginger and nam prik pao instead of fresh chilis (yikes! Tom yum, or sometimes referred to as "tom yam," is a soup that originated in Thailand. Thank yo for watching, glad you like to cook Thai food as well. Enjoyed it both clear and with the condensed milk/chilli oil. Truly Thai style Hey Atul, instead of fish sauce, salt would be the next best option. Last week, on the spur of the moment I decided to throw in some mussels and two blue swimmer crabs into the soup. Its always been in the soup Ive gotten. great value broccoli stir fry recipe, back of the yards chicago crime rate, california fish grill green goddess dressing ingredients,

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